Praxiom Research Group Limited does not certify or guarantee
the competence or expertise of the organizations listed here.


OQRI (N+S America)

QPC Services (USA)

EQ Consulting (India)

IQ9000 Ltd (Manitoba) (Utah)

Nimit and Vings (UAE)

Kelmac Group (Ireland)

Quality Catalysts (India)

Nova Lucis Limited (UK)

G3 Solutions Inc (Michigan)

BlueSkye Track Inc (Vermont)

Structure Group LLC (Indiana)

Anitech Consulting (Australia)

MEQA Consulting Ltd (Ontario)

GlenView Group Inc (California)

Drysdale Consulting (California)

Added Value Services (Colorado)

Pinnacle Enterprise Group (USA)

Spranger Business Solutions (USA)

International Quality Services (Israel)

The Health and Safety People Ltd (UK)

Barile Consulting Services LLC (Ohio)

Tantara Management Services (Alberta)

The Tetris Management Group (Alberta)

Integrity Quality Systems Inc (Michigan)

ProcessLOGIX Consulting Pvt Ltd (India)

Green and Sustainable Solutions Inc (USA)

Agwey Business Solutions (Massachusetts)

Zertifikat Training & Consultancy (Singapore)

Lewis Conquer Consultancy Services (Britain)

Business Operations Support Services LLC (Arizona)

Oxebridge Quality Resources (North and South America)

Quality Systems Consulting Group (New England)

New England ISO Services LLC (New England)

Jan Roovers Associates Inc (North Carolina)

TheImprovedBottomLine.comLLC (Michigan)

Altus Consultancy Services (Middle East)

Sustaining Edge Solutions Inc (Arizona)

Global Quality Services (India)

Systemaria Consulting (USA)

Quality Works (Colorado)

TQ Vision (India)


Quality Digest - Consultants Buyers Guide

Canadian Association of Management Consultants

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