ISO 45001 Gap Analysis Process

ISO 45001 2018 is an occupational health and safety management standard.

Our ISO 45001 2018 OH&S internal audit tool can also be used to carry
out a detailed gap analysis. This is because both analytical techniques
use the same questions and both identify gaps. The only important
difference is timing.  While an internal audit is carried out after you’ve
established an occupational health and safety management system
(OHSMS), a gap analysis is carried out beforehand. A gap analysis
is carried out in order to help you establish a OHSMS while an
audit is carried out in order to evaluate an existing OHSMS.

Our gap analysis tool will allow you to compare your organization's
current occupational health and safety practices and processes with
the new ISO 45001 standard. This comparison will pinpoint the gaps
(the areas that fall short of the standard). Once you know where to
focus your attention, you can make the changes that are needed
to comply with the new standard.


Introduction to ISO 45001 2018

Plain English OH&S Management Definitions

Overview of ISO 45001 OH&S Management Standard

ISO 45001 2018 Standard Translated into Plain English

OHSAS 18001 2007 OH&S Standard in Plain English

ISO 45001 2018 OH&S Management Audit Process

Knowledge & Skills OH&S Auditors Should Have

Plain English OH&S Management Checklist

Updated on November 20, 2018. First published on November 20, 2018.

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