Our Product License Agreement

Praxiom Research Group Limited

Our products are typically licensed for use at one physical site only.
Once you've chosen your site or location, you may make as many
copies as you need in order to carry out your work at that site. You
may also share our products with your co-workers. But you may
not use our products at other sites or locations.

If you wish to share our product with co-workers at other sites
or locations, you must purchase a Global Corporate License
. Our
Global Corporate License allows you to use our product anywhere
in the world at an unlimited number of sites. The price for this global
is simply twice our regular price. For example, if a product
costs $100.00, a
Global Corporate License costs $200.00.

However, if you're purchasing our product for your own personal
or business use and you don't plan to share it with co-workers,
you may use it at any site anywhere in the world for the price of
our regular single user license ($100.00 in the above example).

You may not modify or edit our products without our prior written
consent. You may, however, add additional notes and comments
whenever our product explicitly allows you to do so.

We retain ownership of our products. This license agreement
does not transfer title or ownership to you. You may not publish
or republish our material or resell our products without the
written permission of Praxiom Research Group Limited.

If you have any questions, please email orders@praxiom.com

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