ISO IEC 27001 2013 Annex A Plain English Introduction

ISO IEC 27001 2013 is a generic information security management standard.


ISO IEC 27001 2013 includes a section called Annex A. This Annex lists
information security control objectives and information security controls
and is taken directly from ISO IEC 27002 2013 sections 5 to 18.

Below, you will find a brief overview of ISO IEC 27001 2013 Annex A
and therefore ISO IEC 27002 2013 (since Annex A is essentially an
outline of this standard):

  1. Security Policy Management
  2. Corporate Security Management
  3. Personnel Security Management
  4. Organizational Asset Management
  5. Information Access Management
  6. Cryptography Policy Management
  7. Physical Security Management
  8. Operational Security Management
  9. Network Security Management
  10. System Security Management
  11. Supplier Relationship Management
  12. Security Incident Management
  13. Security Continuity Management
  14. Security Compliance Management

The list above starts with the number 5 because both Annex A and
the ISO IEC 27002 2013 information security standard start there.


ISO IEC 27001 2013 section 6.1.3 expects you to use Annex A, and
any other suitable resources, to "produce a Statement of Applicability
that contains the necessary controls"
. Your task is to select all of the
information security controls that you need in order to implement
the risk treatment options that you're expected to choose and the
risk treatment plan that you're expected to develop according to
section 6.1.3 of ISO IEC 27001 2013.


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Updated on September 24, 2014. First published on November 12, 2013.

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