How to use ISO IEC 27002 

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ISO IEC 27002 can be used in at least three ways: you can use it to select
information security controls in order to implement an ISO IEC 27001
information security management system (ISMS), you can use it to select
generally accepted controls without implementing an ISO IEC 27001 ISMS,
or you can use it to develop information security guidelines or standards
for your own organization or for an entire industrial sector. So, you can
ignore ISO IEC 27001 if you wish to do so.

But if you have chosen to use ISO IEC 27001 you need to pay close
attention to section 6.1.3. It expects you to use ISO IEC 27002, and any
other helpful sources, to prepare a detailed Statement of Applicability.
(A Statement of Applicability is a document that lists security controls.)

If youíve chosen to use the ISO IEC 27001 standard, your task is to use
ISO IEC 27002 to select all the information security controls that you need
in order to implement the risk treatment options that you have chosen and
the risk treatment plan that you have developed using ISO IEC 27001.
If youíve chosen this option, you also need to justify all of your control decisions, both inclusions and exclusions.

However, before you can select security controls, you need to assess
your organizationís security risks and identify its security requirements.
In order to do so, you need to perform a risk assessment. You need to
identify your information security threats and vulnerabilities, determine
how likely it is that each threat or vulnerability will cause a security
incident, and evaluate the impact each incident could have.

In addition, you need to study your legal requirements. You need to
identify and study all relevant statutory, regulatory, and contractual
requirements that your organization, its trading partners, and service
providers must comply with.

And finally, you need to consider your own information security needs
and requirements. You need to examine your organizationís unique
information management principles, objectives, and requirements,
and you need to study the information processing practices and
methods that your organization uses.

Once youíve done all of this youíre ready to select your controls.
Youíre ready to select information security controls that address your
organizationís unique information security risks and meet its particular
information security requirements. According to ISO IEC 27002, you can
select your controls from the ISO IEC 27002 standard or any other
suitable source, or you can develop your own controls.

A comprehensive list of information security controls can be found in
ISO IEC 27002 sections 5 to 18. For each control, youíll also find a wide
variety of implementation guidelines and supporting explanations.


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