ISO 28000 2007 Supply Chain Security Management System Development Plan

The following material presents a brief Supply Chain Security Management
(SCSMS) Development Plan
. It summarizes the general approach
you would take to develop your own SCSMS. It uses a PDCA approach and
is taken directly from our plain English version of the standard. If you use
our Plain English ISO 28000 Standard to develop your organizationís
SCSMS, you will automatically take the following steps:

  1. Define the scope of your organizationís SCSMS.
  2. Define your organizationís security management policy.
  3. Develop a methodology to identify threats and assess risks.
  4. Establish procedures to identify threats and assess risks.
  5. Identify your organizationís threats and assess your risks.
  6. Establish procedures to identify and select security controls.
  7. Select and implement your security control measures.
  8. Respect legal, statutory, and regulatory requirements.
  9. Establish your organizationís security objectives.
  10. Establish your organizationís security targets.
  11. Establish programs to achieve objectives and targets.
  12. Establish security management roles and responsibilities.
  13. Appoint a member of top management to manage security.
  14. Ensure the competence of those who influence security.
  15. Establish security training and awareness procedures.
  16. Implement security training and awareness procedures.
  17. Establish procedures to manage security communications.
  18. Establish a security management documentation system.
  19. Control your organizationís security documents and data.
  20. Implement operational security control measures.
  21. Establish emergency SCSMS plans and procedures.
  22. Monitor and measure your security performance.
  23. Maintain a record of monitoring and measuring activities.
  24. Evaluate your SCSMS plans, procedures, and capabilities.
  25. Investigate security incidents and take remedial action.
  26. Control your organizationís security management records.
  27. Perform regular audits of your organizationís SCSMS.
  28. Review your SCSMS at planned intervals.
  29. Update and improve your SCSMS.


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