ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security in Plain English

ISO 28000 is a supply chain security management standard.
Use it to protect your people, your products, and your property


General Security Requirements

Security Policy Requirements

  • Authorize the establishment of a security management policy.

  • Document your organization's security management policy.

  • Implement your organizationís security management policy.

  • Maintain your organizationís security management policy.

Security Planning Requirements

4.3.1 Analyze Security Threats and Select Controls

  • Identify security threats and assess your risks.

    • Define a methodology to identify your organization's supply chain security threats and assess its security risks.

    • Establish procedures to identify threats and assess risks.

    • Use your security risk assessment methods and  procedures to identify threats and assess risks.

  • Identify security management control measures.

    • Establish procedures to identify and implement supply chain security management control measures.

    • Use your procedures to identify supply chain security management control measures.     

    • Use your procedures to implement your supply  chain security management control measures.


4.3.2 Respect Legal and Other Security Requirements

  • Establish procedures to manage the legal, statutory, and regulatory security requirements that you subscribe to.

  • Communicate information about all relevant, legal, statutory,  and regulatory security management requirements.


4.3.3 Set Security Management Objectives

  • Establish security management objectives.

  • Document security management objectives.

  • Implement security management objectives.

  • Maintain security management objectives.


4.3.4 Specify Security Management Targets

  • Establish security management targets.

  • Implement security management targets.

  • Maintain security management targets.


4.3.5 Develop Security Management Programs

  • Establish security programs to achieve objectives and targets.

  • Implement your organization's security management programs.

  • Maintain your organization's security management programs.

Security Implementation Requirements

4.4.1 Create a Security Management Structure

  • Establish a security management structure of roles, responsibilities, and authorities for your organization.

  • Communicate security management roles, responsibilities, and authorities to those who must implement and maintain your SMS.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the development, implementation, and continual improvement of your organization's SMS.


4.4.2 Ensure Competence and Provide Security Training

  • Make sure that personnel responsible  for security are suitably qualified.                         

  • Establish procedures to make people who work  for you, or on your behalf, aware of your SMS.

  • Keep records of competence and training.


4.4.3 Develop Security Communication Procedures

  • Establish procedures to ensure that pertinent  security information is communicated.                 


4.4.4 Establish SMS Documents and Records

  • Establish and maintain a security management  documentation system for your organization.           

  • Establish the security sensitivity of information before you consider giving people access to it.


4.4.5 Control your SMS Documents and Data

  • Establish procedures to control the documents,  data, and information required by ISO 28000.

  • Maintain your organization's SMS document,  data, and information control procedures.   


4.4.6 Implement Operational SMS Control Measures

  • Identify the security activities and operations  that your organization needs to carry out.     

  • Carry out your security activities and  operations under specified conditions.         

  • Consider your security threats and risks before you decide  to revise your current arrangements or implement new ones.


4.4.7 Prepare Emergency SMS Plans and Procedures

  • Prepare appropriate emergency preparedness plans  and procedures to deal with security threats, incidents,  breaches, and emergencies.                                  

  • Prepare appropriate plans and procedures to  respond to security incidents and emergencies.

  • Prepare appropriate security recovery plans and procedures.

Security Checking Requirements

4.5.1 Monitor and Measure Security Performance

  • Establish procedures to monitor and measure security.

  • Use your procedures to monitor and measure security.

  • Maintain supply chain security management records.


4.5.2 Evaluate your Security Management System (SMS)

  • Evaluate supply chain security management plans.

  • Evaluate supply chain security management procedures.

  • Evaluate supply chain security management capabilities.

  • Evaluate compliance with regulations and best practices.

  • Evaluate conformance with security policy and objectives.


4.5.3 Investigate Security Incidents and Take Action

  • Establish security response procedures.

  • Implement your security response procedures.

  • Maintain your security response procedures.


4.5.4 Control your Security Management Records

  • Establish your organization's security management records.

  • Establish procedures to control security management records.


4.5.5 Audit your Security Management System (SMS)

  • Establish a security management audit program.

  • Establish security management audit procedures.

Security Review Requirements

  • Review your SMS by examining inputs.

  • Assess the results of your management reviews.

  • Generate management review outputs.



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