Plain English ISO 31000 2018 Risk Management Checklist

Our Plain English standard can also be used as a Risk Management Checklist.
That's because we’ve used a task oriented approach to translate the original
ISO 31000 material into Plain English. This means that our Plain English product
(our Title 31) consists entirely of tasks or actions. So if you want to implement the
ISO 31000 standard, all you have to do is carry out the tasks that we have listed.

However, you don’t have to perform every task. Since ISO 31000 2018 consists
of guidelines or suggestions only (not requirements), you can ignore any task
that you disagree with or any task that does not apply in your case.

For each task, we offer three response options: DO, DN, or NA. If you haven't
done it and it needs to be done, select DO. If you've already done it, select DN
(done). And if the task is not applicable in your situation or you disagree with
ISO's suggestion, select NA (not applicable).

To see what our checklist looks like, please have a look at the following
PDF sample: ISO 31000 2018 Checklist (Part 5 of our Title 31 product).


Now that you know what our Checklist looks like, please consider
purchasing our Title 31: ISO 31000 2018 Translated into Plain English.

Our Title 31 is 56 pages long. It is detailed, accurate, and complete, and
uses language that is clear, precise, and easy to understand. We guarantee it

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