ISO 9002 is now obsolete. See ISO 9001 2015

  1. Define quality policy

  2. Develop quality plans

  3. Develop servicing plans

  4. Develop production plans

  5. Develop installation plans

  6. Develop audit plans

  7. Define quality interactions

  8. Define quality responsibilities

  9. Distribute quality authorities

  10. Clarify reporting relationships

  11. Appoint quality system executive

  12. Appoint quality system manager

  13. Appoint internal quality auditors

  14. Appoint product inspectors

  15. Appoint quality system trainers

  16. Develop record control procedures

  17. Develop contract control procedures

  18. Develop document control procedures

  19. Develop data control procedures

  20. Develop product delivery procedures

  21. Develop product storage procedures

  22. Develop product tracking procedures

  23. Develop product handling procedures

  24. Develop product packaging procedures

  25. Develop product preservation procedures

  26. Develop customer-supplied product procedures

  27. Develop purchasing control procedures

  28. Develop service control procedures

  29. Develop production control procedures

  30. Develop installation control procedures

  31. Develop quality system review procedures

  32. Develop quality system training procedures

  33. Develop preventive action procedures

  34. Develop corrective action procedures

  35. Develop product inspection procedures

  36. Develop internal quality audit procedures

  37. Develop nonconforming product procedures

  38. Develop inspection equipment control procedures

  39. Develop inspection status control procedures

  40. Develop statistical measurement procedures

  41. Design a quality record keeping system

  42. Develop a quality system manual

  43. Document all quality system plans

  44. Document all quality system policies

  45. Document all quality system procedures

  46. Design internal audit record keeping system

  47. Design management review record keeping system

  48. Design quality training record keeping system

  49. Design product identity record keeping system

  50. Design subcontractor record keeping system

  51. Design contract review record keeping system

  52. Design inventory record keeping system

  53. Design calibration record keeping system

  54. Design statistical data management system

  55. Design inspections data management system

  56. Design nonconformity record keeping system


ISO 9001 2015 Introduction

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ISO 9001 2015 versus ISO 9001 2008

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