ISO 9004 2009 Tutorial

We've also translated ISO 9001 2015 into plain English.

ISO 9004 2009 is a quality management standard. It was
published on November 1, 2009 and is the third edition.
It cancels and replaces all previous editions.

The purpose of the this quality management standard is to help
organizations achieve sustained success by using a quality
management approach. This is a major change in focus.

According to the new ISO 9004 2009, an organization achieves
sustained success when it meets its objectives and continues to
do so over the long term. It further says that objectives can only
be achieved if the organization consistently meets the needs
and expectations of its interested parties (stakeholders).

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ISO 9004-1 1994: Managing Quality System Elements

ISO 9004-2 1992: Managing the Quality of Service Activities

ISO 9004-3 1993: Managing the Quality of Processed Materials

ISO 9004-4 1993: Generating Quality Improvements

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