Working Papers

This page provides a short overview of ISO 19011 2011 Annex B.4.

Auditors use working papers (i.e., working documents)
to carry out audits. Your working papers should address
all of the management system elements that fall within the
scope of your audit.

When preparing working papers, make sure that each
document helps you to achieve your audit objectives and
serves a practical purpose. In this context, please consider
the following questions for each document:

1. What record will be created when I use this document?

2. What activity am I performing when I use this document?

3. What audit activity does this particular document link to?

4. What will this document be used for and who will use it?

5. What information will I need when I prepare this document?

When auditing more than one management system at a time,
develop working papers that help you to avoid duplication.
Examine the audit criteria from each discipline or sector, and
try to cluster similar requirements. Also try to coordinate the
content of related checklists and questionnaires.

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