Information Sources

This page provides a short overview of ISO 19011 2011 Annex B.5.

When conducting a management system audit, the information
you gather will depend upon the scope and complexity of your
audit and will probably come from a variety of sources. Some
of these could include:

1. Interviews

1.1. Interviews with employees

1.2. Interviews with other people

2. Observations

2.1. Observations of activities and processes

2.2. Observations of working environments

3. Documents

3.1. Policies, procedures, instructions, and objectives

3.2. Standards, specifications, contracts, and orders

3.3. Regulations, licenses, and permits

4. Records

4.1. Inspection, monitoring, and measurement results

4.2. Minutes of meetings and summaries of discussions

4.3. Completed forms and answers to interview questions

5. Data

5.1. Performance indicators and data summaries

5.2. Analyses, simulations, and modeling results

6. Plans

6.1. Sampling plans and procedures

6.2. Management plans and programs

7. Reports

7.1. Reports about external conditions

7.1.1. Customer feedback and supplier ratings

7.1.2. Surveys and measurements

7.2. Reports about internal conditions

7.2.1. Audit reports and inspection reports

7.2.2. Management review reports

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Annex B.1: Applying Audit Methods

Annex B.2: Doing Document Reviews

Annex B.3: Carrying Out Audit Sampling

Annex B.4: Preparing Working Documents

Annex B.6: Visiting Auditee's Locations

Annex B.7: Conducting Audit Interviews

Annex B.8: Preparing Audit Findings


Introduction to Auditing Standard

Plain English Auditing Definitions

Brief Overview of Auditing Standard

ISO 19011 2011 Audit Assessment Tool

ISO 19011 2011 Translated into Plain English

Annex A: Knowledge and Skills Auditors Should Have

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