Plain Engish Privacy Conformance Audit Checklist

Use our Generic Privacy Conformance Audit Tool to determine how well your
organization's privacy practices meet NIST's privacy recommendations. Also use
it to carry out a quick audit, to perform an exploratory audit, or to figure out what
areas need more detailed attention. This short audit tool has 123 audit steps that
ask you to assess every aspect of your organization's privacy practices.

This is how it works: For each audit question, three answers are possible:
YES, NO, or N/A (to save space, we use Y, N, and X). YES answers mean that
your organization has implemented NISTís recommendations, NO answers mean
that you have failed to do so, while N/A answers point to questions that arenít
applicable in your case. NO answers identify gaps that exist between NISTís
privacy recommendations and your organizationís privacy practices, while
N/A answers point to items that may be ignored or excluded.

Once youíve completed all five questionnaires, study your NO answers and our
questions and then use this information to formulate actions or steps that need
to be taken to improve your organizationís privacy practices. Then use these
details to prepare your own unique Privacy Conformance Improvement Plan.

The following graphic provides an overview of our generic
privacy conformance audit tool (also see detailed pdf sample).

Generic Privacy Conformance Audit Tool

The above Checklist is only one part (Part 3) of our Audit Tool.
Also check out the rest of our Plain English Privacy Audit Tool.


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