NIST Privacy Framework by Praxiom Research

Use NIST's Privacy Framework to solve your organization's data privacy
problems and to manage your data privacy risks. For more information,
please see NIST's Privacy Framework Translated into Plain English.

Also check out our overview of NIST's Cybersecurity Framework.

ID. Identify data privacy universe

ID.IM Identify scope of privacy program.

ID.BE Identify your business environment.

ID.RA Identify privacy risks and responses.

ID.DE Identify risk management processes.

GV. Establish governance structure

GV.PO Establish privacy governance methods.

GV.RM Establish privacy management strategy.

GV.AT Establish privacy skills and competence.

GV.MT Establish privacy monitoring program. 

CT. Control how risks are managed

CT.PO Control how data privacy is protected.

CT.DM Control how data privacy is handled.

CT.DP Control how data privacy is achieved.

CM. Develop communication program

CM.PO Develop communications capability.

CM.AW Develop communications techniques.

PR. Implement processing protections

PR.PO Implement data protection policies.

PR.AC Implement access control measures.

PR.DS Implement data security mechanisms.

PR.MA Implement maintenance procedures.

PR.PT Implement protective technologies.

NIST Privacy Framework by Praxiom Research

 If you'd like to see how we've translated each of the above sections into
Plain English, please check out our more detailed Privacy Framework.


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Updated on September 5, 2021. First published on March 19, 2021.

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